California, USA


These are the last pictures I took in Los Angeles last April. Just for the anecdote about these photos : we bought these smoke devices on the road from Las Vegas to Joshua Tree ( by the way, isn’t it weird to find «Fireworks mall» in the middle of almost deserted small towns ! If someone could tell me why we can find there streets with lot of big fireworks stores ! Is it a common pastime ? ).

Well, we used these smoke devices a first time in the desert. Then we took these pictures in Los Angeles. Just a clarification why I’ve often a strange face on those pictures, it’s due to the smoke that was stinging my eyes and made me cry ….. Yeah, a genuine warrior !

Outfit : TOPSHOP

smoke 6 photo fumigenes 4 smoke 2 smoke 12 smoke 8 photo fumigenes smoke 3 photo fumigenes 2 photo fumigenes 3 smoke 9 smoke 10


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